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Wild Pansy Seeds - (Viola tricolor) - Annual Wild flower - 300+ Seeds

Wild Pansy Seeds - (Viola tricolor) - Annual Wild flower - 300+ Seeds

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Viola tricolor, commonly known as Wild Pansy or Heartsease, is a delightful wildflower native to Europe and parts of Asia.
This charming little plant is known for its cheerful and colorful blooms, which feature a combination of purple, yellow, and white petals.
Wild Pansies are relatively small, growing to a height of 4 to 8 inches (10-20 cm), with heart-shaped leaves.
The name "Heartsease" reflects the plant's historical use as a remedy for various ailments, symbolizing love and healing.
In gardens, Wild Pansies make excellent ground cover and are often used in borders, containers, or as part of wildflower meadows.
These plants attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing to the biodiversity of the garden.
Wild Pansies have a long history of herbal use, primarily as a mild diuretic and expectorant.
They prefer well-drained, loamy soils and can thrive in partial shade to full sun.
Seeds can be sown in early spring or late summer, and they readily self-sow for naturalizing.
Wild Pansies are perfect for adding a touch of color and whimsy to any garden or landscape.

Cold Stratify: 2 weeks



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