Ordering Seeds

When you order tree seeds we'll ship them within 3 business days.   Most of the seeds we offer are locally collected, clean and dried and stored at 1-3C (34-38F) in a dedicated refrigerator.  When you receive your order, we recommend you store them in the fridge until you're ready to plant them outdoors or stratify them ahead of spring planting.

We include some basic information on the seed package label, like the common and binomial latin name, and a note if stratification is required, but for detailed growing instructions and specific information we recommend doing some google searches. YouTube can also be a great resource for growing instructions.

Ordering Trees

When you order trees during the fall/winter season, you're reserving your order for spring shipping.  Spring is the best time to plant a tree. For bare root mail order trees you want to ship them completely dormant in early spring.  When you place an order, we provide a few options for spring shipping dates.  Mid April is about the earliest we can ship, around here it's the time of year when the snow has just melted and the days are just warming up enough for the ground to thaw.  Select a preferred shipping date with you order, and if you're not sure go with the earliest one.   If you want to change the shipping date at any time, or if you have any questions just send an email and include your order number.

When spring is coming up we'll remind you by email about your shipping date and what you ordered, and when it's shipped out we'll email you the tracking information.