Most of our seeds ship letter mail by Canada Post anywhere in Canada or the US with just a postage stamp, and this saves on cost.  If you want tracking, select one of our tracked shipping options. Delivery time for most options is about 1-2 weeks.   We do ship seeds internationally.  

The quantity of seeds specified is the minimum you'll receive. We always include some extra seeds. 

Depending on the time of year you ordered seeds and what your local climate is like, you may decide to plant them outdoors and let them stratify naturally over the winter, or you may want to stratify them indoors.


We ship our trees anywhere inside of Canada, with some limitations for fruit trees to BC.  We use Canada Post Express Post shipping and always ship on a Monday for the shortest possible transit times.  We keep our trees fully dormant and in cold storage until they're packed. Our process includes a careful quality check, then the roots are wrapped up with damp saw dust in plastic, secured with a stake and packed into a cardboard box.  Most of our trees are small one to two year old stock, graded and categorized by the sizes listed with your order.  If the listing described the trees as 12-16", that's the height above the ground in addition to the roots.  We can fit quite a few in a box, one of the reasons that bare root is the best option for mail order.

Before your trees arrive, plan where you're going to plant them and prepare the site. When you receive your order, open the box right away and inspect your trees to ensure they've arrived to good shape.  Set them in a cool sheltered place and plant them as soon as possible, within a day if possible.  If you aren't able to plant them in their permanent location right away, temporarily heel the trees into a garden space for a day or two until you're ready. Include the sawdust we packaged the roots with in your mulch. Having the roots in contact with moist soil and being outdoors is the best conditions for them to acclimate.