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Wild Basil Seeds (Clinopodium vulgare) - Zone 4 - 100+ Seeds

Wild Basil Seeds (Clinopodium vulgare) - Zone 4 - 100+ Seeds

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Wild Basil, or Clinopodium vulgare, is a versatile herbaceous subshrub or shrub that doubles as an edible and ornamental plant. It thrives across a wide range of climates, from Mediterranean to temperate, and is known for its mint-marjoram reminiscent fragrance. This plant flourishes in well-drained soil and requires moderate water, thriving in full sun to light shade conditions. Wild Basil showcases small, purple flowers that densely cover the plant during its blooming season, adding a splash of color to gardens.

The leaves of Wild Basil are not only aromatic but also edible, lending a unique flavor to beverages, herbs, and spices. As a fast to medium grower reaching heights of 30-60 cm (12-24 inches), it can serve as a charming ground cover or a fragrant addition to borders and herbal gardens. Despite its beauty and utility, Wild Basil is known to be an aggressive grower, so some management may be necessary to keep it in check​​​​​​.

Hardiness Zone: 4
Stratification: None required
Seed Source: Denmark



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