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Wickson Apple Tree

Wickson Apple Tree

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The Wickson apple, a small-sized variety often likened to a large crabapple, was bred by Albert Etter in the early 20th century in Ettersburg, California. It's a cross between Newtown and Esopus Spitzenberg apples, two well-known full-sized U.S. apple varieties​. This apple is favored for its sweet-tart flavor, offering a powerful blend of sweetness and acidity. Its skin is a bright red flushed over a yellow-green background, and it has coarse, light-yellow flesh that is juicy, crisp, and wonderfully balanced in taste, with distinct malt-sugar notes​.

Wickson apples are particularly renowned in the world of craft cidermaking and are also popular for fresh eating and baking. Their small size, usually one or two inches in diameter, and their intense sweetness with pronounced acid tang make them an ideal candidate for cider, hard cider, and champagne cider production​. They ripen late in the season, typically in late October, and have a good storage life of about two months when kept refrigerated​.

Ripens: Late October
Size: 1-2 inches in diameter



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