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White Spruce Seeds (Picea glauca) - 100+ Seeds

White Spruce Seeds (Picea glauca) - 100+ Seeds

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White spruce seed (Picea glauca) collected locally in the fall. The seed is from a large healthy tree, 60' tall with a 30" diameter trunk. White spruce can live to be 250-350 years old.

White spruce are a hardy tree that can handle some shade and they're prolific in northern forests. We find they transplant easier than pines. When you start them for seed, like all conifers - it takes some patience but worth it. Plan to keep them in a seed bed for the first two years where you can water them and provide some shade while the get established. After the second growing season they're still small (you're doing great if they're 6") and will be large enough to plant out. Another option is to grow them in plug trays, which works if you keep them consistently watered and have a very insulated location for them for the winter. Young trees while they establish will grow about six inches/year until they reach about 10 years old then they start to take off and can grow 12-18" pear year. When you transplant them it's good give them a sheltered site and some mulch.

Hardiness Zone: 2
Stratification Required: 30-45 days
Seed type: Winged (you can dewing them by rubbing, but they're fine to plant with the little wings)
Storage: Keep stored seeds cool and dry.
Planting instructions: Plant outdoors in seedbeds in the fall, or stratify in your fridge and plant in early spring. Plant 1/4" deep and lightly mulch.



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