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Wax Currant Seeds (Ribes cereum) - Zone 3 - 200+ Seeds

Wax Currant Seeds (Ribes cereum) - Zone 3 - 200+ Seeds

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Wax Currant, scientifically known as Ribes cereum, is a deciduous shrub native to western North America, including British Columbia, Alberta, and much of the western United States. It thrives in various habitats like mountain forests in alpine climates, sagebrush, and woodlands, and is adaptable to a range of soil types including sandy, clay, serpentine soils, and lava beds. The plant is notably resilient in both moist and dry soils.

The Wax Currant typically grows 3-6 feet tall and is characterized by its spicy scent. It has small, waxy, gray-green fan-shaped leaves that are less than 1 inch long and up to 2 inches wide. The leaves have 3-5 indistinct lobes and are attached to distinct stalks (petioles). The shrub produces drooping clusters of short-stalked, greenish-white or pinkish narrowly tubular flowers with bright green styles. These flowers develop into waxy, bright red or orange berries that contain numerous seeds. The berries' flavor varies from tasteless and unpalatable to good.

This plant is a significant food source for deer and other wildlife. It has been used by some Native American tribes for consumption. The berries can be used in jams or pie fillings, although they may sometimes cause a burning sensation in the throat if consumed in large quantities.

Cold Hardiness Zone: 3
Seed Source: CO, USA (Zone 4 - 5)
Cold Stratification: 3-4 months
Planting Instructions: Sow seeds outside in fall. The seeds need scarification for germination. Ideal for rocky hillsides, bluffs, open forests, woodlands, and scrublands.



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