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Toscano Basil Seeds (Ocimum basilicum 'Toscano') - 100+ Seeds

Toscano Basil Seeds (Ocimum basilicum 'Toscano') - 100+ Seeds

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Toscano Basil, a lettuce basil cultivar from Italy's Tuscany region, has large an crinkly leaves with a slightly milder flavor than the more common Genovese variety. Used in Italian cuisine, particularly pestos and Caprese salads, its broad, light green leaves that darken with age add both flavor and aesthetic appeal to dishes.

Toscano Basil is a vigorous, bushy plant, reaching heights of 40-50 cm, and is well-suited for salads. Ideal for indoor sowing in larger pots, it pairs excellently with tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, garlic, and a variety of meats and cheeses. For the best culinary experience, it's recommended to add Toscano Basil fresh and sliced to dishes after cooking to preserve its flavor, making it perfect for pesto, salads, pasta sauces, and as a pizza topping post-baking​.




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