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Sweet 16 Apple Tree

Sweet 16 Apple Tree

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The Sweet Sixteen apple cultivar, developed by the University of Minnesota in 1977, is known for its unique and complex flavor profile. It features a fine-textured, crisp flesh that is a blend of sweet, nutty, and spicy flavors, often compared to cherry lifesavers, licorice, vanilla, or even bourbon. The apple itself is medium-sized, with red striping on its skin and a mix of exotic yellow and red flesh inside. It's particularly noted for its very sweet taste, reminiscent of sugar cane or spicy cherry candy. This cultivar is a result of a cross between 'MN447' and 'Northern Spy' apples. Sweet Sixteen is valued for its hardiness, able to thrive even in harsh conditions, and shows resistance to fire blight, a common apple tree disease. It's an outstanding dessert apple, well-suited for cold climates, and is known to produce very heavy crops​.

Ripens: Mid- to late September
Size: Medium-sized
Cold Hardiness Zone: At least 3.



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