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Sunrise Apple Tree

Sunrise Apple Tree

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The Sunrise apple cultivar is a modern variety developed at the Summerland Research Station in Canada, home of the renowned Spartan apple. This early-season apple was first developed in the late 20th century and is noted for its attractive appearance and refreshing flavor. Its parentage includes McIntosh and Golden Delicious apples crossed with an experimental cultivar, PCF-3-120, from Purdue University's breeding program. The Sunrise apple features a medium to large size with a pale yellow background and bright red stripes covering over half of the apple's surface. The flesh of the apple is cream-colored, crisp, juicy, and offers a refreshing summer flavor. This cultivar is known for its excellent quality and has demonstrated significant hardiness, withstanding temperatures as low as -28°C. It was first grown in 1994 and has since shown no significant problems in various climates

Ripens: Early season
Size: Medium to large

Photos courtesy of Boyer's Orchard



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