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Siberian Crabapple Seeds (Malus baccata) - 75+ Seeds

Siberian Crabapple Seeds (Malus baccata) - 75+ Seeds

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Malus baccata is possibly the most cold hardy species of apple tree available.  First brought into Canada from Siberia in the late 1800s by

Niels E. Hansen.  Dolgo crab was a one of the Malus bacatta seedling he selected over 100 years ago.   We have a twenty year old planting of these trees at an old homestead and the trees thrive with neglect, and they're very cold hardy.   They're a full size apple tree with an average growth of 1-2 feet per year. 

Excellent root stock for the prairies, you can grow them out as a cold hardy "frame" tree and graft your favourite varieties onto the branches, or makes an excellent decorative yard tree with a display of spring flowers.  Excellent for wildlife. The fruit will be variable in size and color, usually 1/2" - 3/4" and red or yellow.

Hardiness Zone: 2-3
Seed Source: China
Stratification Required: 1-2 months
Seed weight:  25-30 per gram
Storage: Keeping refrigerated for longer term storage.  Seeds can be viable for several years. 
Planting instructions:  Fall plant into prepared seed beds, or cold stratify in a refrigerator and plant into seedbeds or pots in the spring. Sow 1/4" deep and cover with mulch. 



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