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Sea Buckthorn - Indian Summer (Seedling) (Hippophae rhamnoides 'Indian Summer')

Sea Buckthorn - Indian Summer (Seedling) (Hippophae rhamnoides 'Indian Summer')

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The Indian Summer Sea Buckthorn is a selected cultivar of Hippophae rhamnoides, renowned for its hardiness and prolific fruit production. It typically grows to a height of 6 to 12 feet with a similar spread, making it a medium-sized shrub ideal for various landscape applications. This cultivar is hardy in zones 3 to 7, which suits a wide range of Canadian environments.

For optimal growth, Indian Summer Sea Buckthorn prefers well-drained soils with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH. It is highly adaptable to different soil types, including sandy and loamy soils. Full sun exposure is crucial for this plant, as it ensures the best fruit production and overall health of the shrub.

Indian Summer Sea Buckthorn is particularly noted for its bright orange berries, which ripen in late summer to early fall. These berries are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, making them highly valued for both nutritional and medicinal purposes. The fruit is often used in juices, oils, and various health supplements.

Originating from the cold climates of Europe and Asia, the Sea Buckthorn has been cultivated for centuries, with Indian Summer being a more recent cultivar developed for its specific characteristics. This variety is especially appreciated for its ornamental value, with silvery-green foliage and vibrant berries that provide visual interest in the landscape. Additionally, it is used in environmental projects for soil stabilization and as a windbreak, showcasing its versatility beyond ornamental gardening.

Note seedlings will be male or female in roughly equal proportions, male plants allow for pollination and only the female plants will have fruit. 



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