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Scots Pine Seeds - (Pinus sylvestris, Scotch Pine) - 100+ Seeds

Scots Pine Seeds - (Pinus sylvestris, Scotch Pine) - 100+ Seeds

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Scots Pine seeds (Pinus sylvestris) collected locally in the fall in Southern Manitoba (Zone 3). Collected from large healthy trees. Scots pine are a very aesthetic large pine tree with red bark and can develop a broad form, a good shade tree. Similar to Red Pine with shorter needles and more colorful bark.

Package Contains: 100+ Seeds
Hardiness Zone: 2-3
Stratification Required: 0-30 days, none is required but if you stratify them in the fridge for a couple of weeks you can get more consistent germination.
Storage: Keep stored seeds cool and dry.
Planting instructions: Plant outdoors in seedbeds in the fall, or plant in early spring. Plant 1/4" deep and lightly mulch.



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