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Royalty Crabapple Tree

Royalty Crabapple Tree

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The Royalty Crabapple, developed in the early 1960s by Canadian plant breeder W.L. Kerr, is a unique ornamental variety. It was released by the Sutherland Forest Nursery Station in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as a part of the "Rosybloom" series of hybrid crabapples. This series originates from Malus 'Niedzwetzkyana', a now-Endangered wild apple native to Central Asia​.

The Royalty Crabapple is known for its stunning foliage, which changes color throughout the seasons: vibrant plum-purple in spring, purple-green in summer, and red-orange or scarlet in fall. The tree blooms in mid-spring with clusters of crimson and fuchsia-colored flowers, offering a light, sweet fragrance. In the fall, it produces maroon, cherry-like fruits about five-eighths of an inch in diameter.  This tree is primarily ornamental and may not produce a significant amount of fruit

Ripens: Fall
Size: 5/8"
Cold hardiness zone: 4



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