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Red Birch Seeds (Betula occidentalis) - 500+ Seeds

Red Birch Seeds (Betula occidentalis) - 500+ Seeds

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Our Red Birch seeds are collected locally from native stands in the forest around the nursery.  These are fully hardy to zone 3.

This trees has a natural clumping growth habit having multiple trunks and deep reddish brown bark which exfoliates like other birches.  You could also grow them as a single trunk tree.  Related to the Paper birch tree, which if you didn't know also has reddish bark when it's young.  Red birch have small leaves and catkins in the spring and they make an attractive native landscape tree. 

Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification Required: 2 months

Germination: Birch sometimes germinate in low percentages so we include lots of seed to help ensure you get some seedlings. 

Seed weight:  750 per gram
Storage: Keep stored seeds cool and dry.
Planting instructions: Plant outdoors in seedbeds in the fall, or stratify in the fridge and plant out in early spring into seedbeds or pots. Cover lightly as the seeds can require some light to germinate, keep watered. 



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