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Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) - Perennial Ground Cover - 1000+ Seeds

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) - Perennial Ground Cover - 1000+ Seeds

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Perennial Pollinator Attraction: Red Clover, or Trifolium pratense, is a versatile herbaceous perennial plant that ranges in size from 20 to 80 cm (8–31 in). It boasts a deep taproot, making it drought-tolerant and beneficial for soil structure.
Bee-Friendly Blooms: This plant produces dark pink flowers with a paler base in dense inflorescences, attracting bumblebees and serving as a vital pollen and nectar source.
Wide Distribution: Originally native to Europe, Western Asia, and northwest Africa, Red Clover has naturalized in regions like North and South America, with important contributions to agriculture in places like Chile.
Nitrogen-Fixing Wonder: Highly valued for its nitrogen-fixing capabilities, it enriches soil fertility and is often grown as fodder and green manure.
Widespread Adaptation: Red Clover's adaptability has led to its naturalization in temperate regions across the globe, from the Americas to Australasia.
Cultivation Details: Red Clover is a perennial plant, suitable for hardiness zones 3-8. It can be sown in spring, late summer, or early fall, and germination is notably easy.

Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification: none required



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