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Queen of Hearts Plum Tree

Queen of Hearts Plum Tree

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The Queen of Hearts Plum is a late-season, medium-sized, freestone plum with a distinctive purple color and red flesh. Known for its exceptional flavor, good for both fresh eating and preserves. The tree is hardy to Zone 3, indicating its resilience in cooler climates, and prefers a moist, well-drained soil. For optimal fruit production, it requires pollination from varieties like the Brookred Plum, Pembina Plum, or Western Sand Cherry.

This plum is part of the Japanese plum group and is known for its attractive dark red skin with a blue hue and sweet yellow flesh. The fruit size is about 2-2.5 inches, and the tree itself can grow quite large, reaching up to 20 feet.

Ripens: Late August
Size: 5 cm (approximately 2 inches)
Cold Hardiness Zone: 3



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