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Prairie Crabapple Seeds (Malus ioensis) - Hardiness Zone 4 - 40+ Seeds

Prairie Crabapple Seeds (Malus ioensis) - Hardiness Zone 4 - 40+ Seeds

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Malus ioensis, the Prairie Crabapple is a native to the US and ranges from the North Eastern US to the South.
Grows up to 15 ft (5m) with white or pink flowers and small apples.
Good for wildlife.
Seeds are larger than Siberian Crabapple
We're trialing these locally in zone 3, they're more common in hardiness zone 4+

*Letter mail shipping is sent regular mail in a stamped envelope and is the lowest cost shipping possible for seeds and doesn't provide tracking. Usually arrives in 1-2 weeks.

Package Contains: 40+ Seeds
Cold stratify: 3 months
Seed Source: Iowa
Hardiness Zone: 4
Storage: Keeping refrigerated for longer term storage. Seeds can be viable for several years.
Planting instructions: Fall plant into prepared seed beds, or cold stratify in a refrigerator and plant into seedbeds or pots in the spring. Sow 1/4" deep and cover with mulch.



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