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Pitsin 5 Plum Tree

Pitsin 5 Plum Tree

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The Pitsin 5 Plum, known for its striking green color, offers sweet fruit perfect for fresh eating or desserts. These plums are firm, freestone, and known for their surprising sweetness, making them excellent for fresh eating straight from the tree.

Ptitsin #5 Plum is notably cold hardy, thriving in Zone 2, which makes it well-suited for colder climates such as the prairies. In addition to its palatability, this variety serves as an effective pollinator for hybrid plums like Lee Red, Ivannovka, Sprout’s Sunshine, and Patterson Pride. Originating from Manchuria, the Ptitsin #5 is not only resilient but also adaptable, capable of growing in zones 3-9. The fruits ripen early, typically ready for harvest by the middle of the growing season.

Ripens: Mid-August
Size: 3 cm (1 inch) in diameter
Cold Hardiness Zone: 2



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