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Parkland Apple Tree

Parkland Apple Tree

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The Parkland apple was developed at the Morden Research and Development Centre in Manitoba, Canada and released in 1979. This variety is distinguished by its adaptability to cold environments, making it particularly popular in regions like Alaska. The Parkland apple tree reaches a mature height of approximately 7 meters (23 feet) and requires a spacing of about 9 meters (30 feet). It is known for its hardiness in zone 2a, flourishing in well-drained soil and full sun conditions.

The apples themselves are medium-sized, and feature a green skin with a notable red blush, covering about 40% of the apple's surface. This variety is celebrated for its crisp texture and tart flavor, making it suitable for various uses including fresh consumption, preserves, and jams. The Parkland apple blooms in mid-May, with the harvest season spanning from mid to late August.

Ripens: Mid-late August
Size: 6-7cm
Cold Hardiness Zone: 2a​


Photos courtesy of Boyer's Orchard



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