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Palmetta Apple Tree

Palmetta Apple Tree

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The Palmetta apple variety was developed in Novosibirsk, Russia, by VN Vasilieva and NV Moiseeva at the Central Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This variety, created by crossing "Bellefleur-Kitaika" with a Siberian berry apple tree, was initially zoned in the Novosibirsk region but has since gained popularity in various regions such as Altai, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Tyumen, and Omsk. Palmetta apple trees are known for their medium size and initially rounded compact crowns that eventually take on a rounded drooping shape. The apples themselves are light yellow with a raspberry "blush," weighing no more than forty grams each. Their creamy pulp is characterized by a delicate aroma, pleasant spicy taste, fine-grained texture, and high juice content.

The harvest time for Palmetta apples varies by region but generally occurs from early-mid September to the second half of October. The trees consistently yield high quantities of fruit, up to 90 kg from a single tree, and the apples have a long shelf life. They are also versatile in culinary uses, being suitable for jellies, jams, dried fruits, and freezing. Furthermore, the Palmetta apple tree is noted for its winter hardiness, scab resistance, and the magnolia-like scent of its blossoms during the flowering period.

Cold Hardiness: Zone 3



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