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Norway Spruce Seeds (Picea abies) - 40+ Seedsi

Norway Spruce Seeds (Picea abies) - 40+ Seedsi

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Norway spruce are a cold hardy and fast growing spruce tree, native to Europe.
Grows well in cold Canadian climates
Norway is faster growing than other spruces when it's young, once established young trees can grow up to 2-3' (0.75-1m) per year for the first 60 years
Long lived up to 200 years
The cones are are much larger than other cold hardy spruces such as White, Black and Blue Spruce. Cones are up to 6" (15 cm)
Has an attractive shape and often used in landscaping

*Letter mail shipping is sent regular mail in a stamped envelope and is the lowest cost shipping possible for seeds and doesn't provide tracking. Usually arrives in 1-2 weeks.

Package Contains: 40+ Seeds
Seed Source: Nova Scotia 2021
Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification Required: None required
Planting instructions: Soak seeds 24 hours. Plant outdoors in seedbeds in the spring or fall. Plant 1/4" deep, tamp and lightly mulch. Young conifer seedlings can benefit from some partial shade in the first year. Grow in a bed for two years to get them up to size for transplanting.



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