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Lodi Apple Tree

Lodi Apple Tree

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The Lodi apple is an early-maturing variety, tart in flavor, and believed to have been developed from the Yellow Transparent and Montgomery apple varieties. It is one of the earliest cultivars found in American markets, often appearing in the summer. The Lodi apple is a hybrid of the 'Yellow Transparent' and 'Montgomery Sweet' ('Autumn Bough') cultivars. Introduced in 1924, it is commonly grown in the Southern United States. This culinary cultivar is medium-sized, yellowish-green, with occasional russeting at both ends. The soft, creamy-colored flesh is fine-grained, not particularly juicy, and best suited to applesauce, pie, or all-purpose cooking rather than fresh eating.

Size: Medium-sized
Ripening Time: Early-maturing variety
Zone: 3
Photo courtesy of Boyer's Orchard



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