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Lee Red Plum Tree

Lee Red Plum Tree

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The Lee Red Plum is a hardy cultivar, bred by the late Lloyd Lee of Barrhead, Alberta. This plum is known for its purplish-red color, exceptional juiciness, and sweetness, along with a distinctive, wonderful plum flavor. The fruits are heart-shaped, adding to their appeal, both in the garden and as a fresh-eating fruit. These plums are ideal for fresh consumption, standing out for their taste and texture. The Lee Red Plum is notable for being the first plum variety to be harvested in the season, typically ready by early August. Its hardiness makes it suitable for colder climates, thriving well in Zone 2, which underscores its adaptability to harsher northern environments. This Alberta-bred plum is a testament to the breeding expertise and legacy of Lloyd Lee.

Ripens: Early August
Zone: 2  
Photos courtesy of: Konrad Ilg



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