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Krazulya Pear Tree

Krazulya Pear Tree

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The Krazulya Pear, known for its beauty as its Russian name suggests, is a cultivar bred in Russia by E.A. Falkenberg in 1987 at the South Ural Research Institute of Fruit and Vegetable Growing. This variety is a cross between Pyrus 'Pozdnyaya' and Pyrus 'Radost'. It is recognized for its attractive appearance and exceptional taste, scoring a remarkable 4.7/5 in flavor tests.

Krazulya Pears are small, weighing about 80-100 grams, and are known for their very good taste. They are very large for their type, sometimes reaching up to 400 grams. The fruits are pear-shaped with a Brix (sugar content) of 17, indicating a sweet flavor profile. This variety is particularly noted for its excellent taste when ripe in early to mid-August, although they do not keep well past a week or two.

The Krazulya Pear is very cold hardy, suitable for growing in zone 3a and worth attempting in zone 2 in protected locations. This hardiness makes it an excellent choice for colder climates.

Ripens: Early to mid-August
Size: 80-100 grams, up to 400 grams
Cold Hardiness Zone: 3a
Photo courtesy of: Konrad Ilg



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