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Kerr Crabapple Tree

Kerr Crabapple Tree

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The Kerr apple, also known as the Kerr applecrab, is a unique cross between the Dolgo crabapple and the Haralson apple. This hybrid was created in 1938 and selected by W. L. Kerr at the Canada Experimental Farm in 1944, with the cultivar being released in 1952. Noted for its large size, Kerr apples are flavorful, crisp, and juicy, featuring a dark red skin. They are a medium-sized tree that produces small ruby-red round apples with hints of yellow and yellow flesh. The apples have a tart taste and firm texture, making them ideal for various culinary uses.

Kerr apples are known for their hardiness, productivity, and disease resistance, especially resistant to fire blight and scab. This makes them a reliable choice for growers in different climates. The tree itself is vigorous, upright, and sturdy, with strong, wide-angled branches. It is also known as Morden 352, named after the plant breeder and ecologist William Les Kerr, who worked at the Morden Research Station in Manitoba during its development. The Kerr crabapple is also popular as a wildlife attractant, particularly for deer, due to its heavy annual crop production​​​​​​​​​​.

Kerr has been compared to a large Dolgo, the fruit is 1.75" with an oblong shape.  Sweet/tart taste, very crisp and juicy.  Good for fresh eating, better for canning.  Green to solid dark purple with yellow flesh.  Ripens in mid September, late hanging, can store for up to six months.

Cold Hardiness:  Zone 3b
Size: Small



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