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Jack Pine Seeds (Pinus banksiana) - 100+ Seeds

Jack Pine Seeds (Pinus banksiana) - 100+ Seeds

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Jack Pine seed (Pinus banksiana) collected locally in the fall, near our nursery in Southern Manitoba (Zone 3). The seed is from a stand of large healthy trees.

Jack pine cones are serotinous, which means in nature they open in the heat of a forest fire. The cones can stay closed on the tree hugging the small branches for years waiting to open. They're very cold hardy and common in northern forests, once established they grow best in full sun. We've grown them for years and find them easy to germinate, they're kind of tough. The small trees like other conifers take some patience, at the end of the first growing season they're just a few inches tall. Grow them for two seasons before you plant them out into a permanent location, seedbeds will give you the best winter protection and are the lowest maintenance method. You can plant them close, up to a max of 50 seedlings per square foot. Plug trays are another good option which will mean you're plant out plugs vs bare root seedlings, just make sure to insulate and water them well over the winter. We used to use plug trays and moved to seed beds because they're easier.

Hardiness Zone: 2
Stratification Required: none required, but if you stratify them in the fridge for a couple of weeks you can get more consistent germination.
Seed type: Winged (you can dewing them by rubbing, but they're fine to plant with the little wings)
Storage: Keep stored seeds cool and dry.
Planting instructions: Plant outdoors in seedbeds in the fall, or plant in early spring. Plant 1/4" deep and lightly mulch.



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