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Ivanovka Plum Tree

Ivanovka Plum Tree

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The Ivanovka Plum is a hardy variety well-suited for northern orchards, introduced by Agriculture Canada from Morden, Manitoba in 1939. This variety is known for producing large, sweet, and juicy plums with a deep red color, making them ideal for fresh eating, as well as for processing into jams and baking in pies. The fruit has a firm, sweet, and aromatic flesh, with an average diameter of 3-4 cm (about 1.5 inches). The skin of the fruit is thin, and they have a sumptuous deep red hue, sometimes accompanied by a bluish bloom.

The Ivanovka Plum is particularly notable for its cold hardiness, thriving in Zone 2, which indicates its ability to withstand extremely cold winter temperatures. The broadly upright growth of the tree and its adaptability make it a valuable addition to any northern orchard. The fruits typically mature from late August to early September, offering a late summer harvest.

Ripens: Late August to early September
Size: 3-4 cm (1.5 inches)
Cold Hardiness Zone: 2



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