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Hops Seeds - Fuggle - Zone 3 - (Humulus lupulus) - 100+ Seeds

Hops Seeds - Fuggle - Zone 3 - (Humulus lupulus) - 100+ Seeds

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Hops seeds collected locally in 2022. We planted our hops from seed about five years ago, and every year they come up and completely cover the fences around our garden. Will grow up to 20ft in a season, and they're fun to train. We've grown them up poles and along strings. Great for landscaping, also a key ingredient used in home brewing. Fully hardy perennial in zone 3, just note unlike wood vines hops will regrow from the ground every spring.

Variety: Fuggle
Quantity: 100+ Seeds
Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification: Cold Stratify 1-2 months

Planting instructions: Fall plant into prepared seed beds, or cold stratify in the fridge and spring plant. Sow 1/4" deep and cover with mulch.



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