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Heyer 12 Apple Tree

Heyer 12 Apple Tree

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The Heyer 12 apple cultivar, developed in Saskatchewan and introduced commercially in 1950, is known for its extreme hardiness, thriving in very cold climates (hardy to zone 1)​​. Originating from seeds obtained from Morden, Manitoba, it was selected by Adolph Heyer in Neville, Saskatchewan​​. Heyer 12 apples are medium-sized, measuring 5-6 cm (2-2½ inches) in diameter, and are greenish-yellow to straw-colored when mature​​​​.

The flesh of the Heyer 12 apple is near white, medium coarse, and has a bland, acidic taste. This variety is poor for fresh eating but considered good for pies and sauce, although it oxidizes rapidly and is only fair to good for cooking​​. The apples are best picked before full maturity for storage or culinary uses, as they store only for 1-2 weeks​​.

The tree itself is moderately vigorous with an open spreading habit and wide-angled, strong branching. It's known for being very resistant to fire blight and is an annually productive tree, bearing fruit at a young age​​​​. The Heyer 12 is particularly valued for its suitability in regions where few other apple varieties can survive due to harsh conditions.

Ripens: Early to mid-season
Size: 5-6 cm (2-2½ inches)
Cold hardiness zone: 1-2



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