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Harcourt Apple Tree

Harcourt Apple Tree

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The Harcourt apple, introduced by the University of Alberta in 1955, is recognized for its fair quality and appealing characteristics. This medium-sized, red-skinned apple is known for its crisp, juicy, white flesh and a pleasant flavor. It is suitable for fresh consumption, baking into desserts, and juicing. The apples are described as having a lightly waxed bright red surface with slight striping. Additionally, the Harcourt apple tree produces beautiful white flowers with a pink tint in spring, adding to its ornamental appeal. The fruit of the Harcourt apple is noted for its juicy, sweet-tart taste, ripening in early to mid-September. It is highly recommended for planting in cold climates, as it thrives in USDA Hardiness Zone 3​​​​​​​​​​.

Ripens: Early to mid-September
Size: Medium-sized
Cold Hardiness Zone: 3.



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