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Haralson Apple Tree

Haralson Apple Tree

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The Haralson apple is a medium-sized cultivar with a round-conic shape and a red color, known for its crisp and juicy texture and tart flavor. This variety, with white flesh and a medium-tough skin, is versatile, being good for both fresh eating and cooking, and is particularly excellent for making pies. It also possesses an aromatic pineapple or lime scent, adding to its appeal. The Haralson apple was selected in 1913 and released in 1923 by the University of Minnesota, named after Charles Haralson, the superintendent of the university's fruit breeding farm. The apple is a cross between Malinda and Wealthy varieties. This hardy apple is particularly cold-resistant, thriving in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-6, with some experts suggesting it can also do well in zones 2 and 7. It's a cultivar that's highly recommended for homestead use, being an all-purpose apple both for fresh consumption and culinary uses. The Haralson apple typically ripens and is harvested from late September to early October​​​​​​​​​​.

Ripens: Late September to early October
Size: Medium-sized
Cold Hardiness Zone: 3



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