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Greenbrier / Carrion Flower Seeds (Smilax sp.) - 40+ Seeds

Greenbrier / Carrion Flower Seeds (Smilax sp.) - 40+ Seeds

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An attractive native vine with a woody stem, broad heart shaped leaves and blue clusters of berries for wildlife.
We've had this vine growing wild by our greenhouse for years, it's one of the half dozen species of Smilax that grow in the north.

Package Contains: 40+ Seeds
Source: Collected locally in Southern Manitoba, Zone 3b
Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification Required: 3-5 months of cold stratification. Some seeds may take longer germinate. For best results plant outdoors in a prepared bed and let nature do the rest
Planting instructions: Plant outdoors in fall, or cold stratify in the fridge. Sow 3/4" deep and cover with mulch.



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