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Ginger Gold Apple Tree

Ginger Gold Apple Tree

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The Ginger Gold apple, an early-season variety, was discovered as a chance seedling in a Winesap orchard in Virginia in 1980. It is one of the first commercial apple varieties available in American markets each year, distinguished by its pale-yellow color. The parentage of Ginger Gold is unknown, making it a unique cultivar in the apple family. This variety is notable for its medium to large size, round to oblate shape, and smooth texture. Ginger Gold apples are particularly notable for ripening earlier than many other varieties, typically in August on the East Coast and as early as mid-July in North Carolina and July in California. The fruits start out very pale green and ripen to a soft yellow with a slightly waxy appearance. They resemble Golden Delicious apples but are known for a more spicy flavor, making them a standout choice in the early golden-type apple category. The trees themselves are known for their heat tolerance and beautiful spring display of white blushed flowers​.

Ripens: Late August to early September
Size: Medium to large

Photos courtesy of Boyer's Orchard



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