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Flemish Beauty Pear Tree

Flemish Beauty Pear Tree

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The Flemish Beauty Pear, introduced in Belgium in the early 18th century, is a historic and popular cultivar known for its large and attractive fruits. This European pear variety (Pyrus communis) known for its vigorous growth and generous crop production. The pears are large, round-shaped, and feature a yellow skin with a red blush. The fruit area sweet and fleshy, making them excellent for fresh eating as well as drying.

This variety is usually self-pollinated, but it can also act as an excellent pollinizer for other pear trees. However, like most pears, it is susceptible to fire blight, a common pear tree disease. The Flemish Beauty Pear is particularly suited for cold climates. The tree typically reaches a height of 10-15 feet and spreads about 8-10 feet. It requires full sun for optimal growth and does best in fertile, well-drained soil. The fruit is usually ready for harvest in September.

Ripens: September
Size: Medium to large
Cold Hardiness Zone:3

Photo courtesy of Boyer's Orchard



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