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European Wild Crabapple Seeds (Malus sylvestris) - Zone 4 - 25+ Seeds

European Wild Crabapple Seeds (Malus sylvestris) - Zone 4 - 25+ Seeds

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Malus sylvestris, commonly known as the European Crabapple, is a deciduous tree or shrub native to Europe and Turkey. It belongs to the Rosaceae family and is known for its hardiness and ornamental value. The tree typically grows to a height of 6 to 10 meters, with a similar spread. It exhibits an erect growth habit and medium texture.

The European Crabapple is notable for its showy flowers, which bloom in spring. These flowers are white to pinkish, with 5 petals each, and attract various pollinators. Following the bloom, the tree produces fleshy fruit in shades of green, yellow, or red. These fruits are tart and are commonly used for jellies, preserves, and juices, due to their high pectin content. However, the seeds of the fruit are poisonous and should be discarded.

This tree thrives in full to partial sun and prefers well-drained soils. It can grow in a variety of soil types, including clay, loam, and sand, and tolerates a pH range from acidic to neutral. The European Crabapple is frost tolerant and has a high flammability rating.

Malus sylvestris plays an important ecological role, providing food for birds and other wildlife. It's an excellent choice for woodland landscapes or edible gardens, thanks to its dual role as an ornamental and fruit tree.

Cold Hardiness Zone: 4
Seed Source: Hungary
Cold Stratification: 1 month
Planting Instructions: Plant in a location with full to partial sun.



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