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Chokecherry Seeds (Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa) Black-Fruited Variety - 100+ Seeds

Chokecherry Seeds (Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa) Black-Fruited Variety - 100+ Seeds

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We have fresh Chokecherry (Prunus virginianaseeds available.  These are collected from local wild stands of healthy trees with the largest cherries. 

Chokecherry are a prolific species in the Prunus genus, which makes them related to sweet cherries but also plums and other stone fruits. The cherries are 3/8 - 7/16" diameter and turn black when ripe.  These small trees / bushes are fully cold hardy in our area and grow well in sandy soil, they thrive here.  They grow well in the forest with companion Saskatoons and Hazelnuts, but will grow largest and produce the most fruit when grown in full sun with plenty of room to spread out.   Our stands of Chokecherry bear large fruit, and despite the name we find they are tasty and sweet  enough to eat fresh off the tree. An enjoyable trail side snack when fully ripe. Popular for making jelly and wine.  Excellent for wildlife. Fruit ripens in August and hangs on the tree through September into late fall.  

Hardiness Zone: 2-3
Stratification Required: 3-4 months
Germination Testing:  Cut test
Storage: Keeping refrigerated in a sealed container at 3-5C.  Seeds can be viable for up to several years. 
Planting instructions:  Fall plant into prepared seed beds.  Optionally soak in water for 24 hrs before planting. Sow 1/4 - 1/2" deep and cover with mulch. 

Choke Cherry - Natural Resources Canada



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