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Chinese Viburnum Seeds (Viburnum ichangense) - Zone 5 - 50+ Seeds

Chinese Viburnum Seeds (Viburnum ichangense) - Zone 5 - 50+ Seeds

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Chinese Viburnum, commonly known as Ichang Viburnum, is a deciduous shrub native to Asia, particularly China. This upright-spreading shrub typically grows 6-10 feet high and 4-6 feet wide. It is characterized by its moderate growth rate and adaptability to a variety of soil conditions, though it prefers moist, well-drained soil. The shrub thrives in full sun to part shade.

The plant features small clusters of slightly fragrant flowers followed by black fruits. The foliage offers an attractive display with its small, narrow, pointed leaves that can turn reddish-purple in the fall. This species is valued for its ornamental berries and attractive foliage.

Cold Hardiness Zone: 5 to 8
Seed Source: NY, USA (Zone 3 - 7)
Stratification: 6 months warm followed by 2-4 months cold
Germinating: This species require a warm/moist stratification period during which the roots emerge, followed by a cold/moist period after which the shoots grow. It's crucial to provide both stratification periods to ensure successful germination of the seeds.



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