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Chicory Seeds (Cichorium intybus) - 150+ Seeds

Chicory Seeds (Cichorium intybus) - 150+ Seeds

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An edible perennial plant with bright blue flowers that produces roots you can cook with or roast and make a caffeine free coffee substitute.
The leaves can be blanched and used in salads
The roots can be boiled and is comparable to a parsnip, contains inulin. Also used in soups.
Stems are hairy and 10-40" (30-100cm) tall, flowers are 0.75-1.5" (2-4cm)

*Shipping is by letter mail with a postage stamp without tracking and usually arrives in 1-2 weeks.

Package Contains: 150+ Seeds
Seed Source: Oregon 2021
Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification: None required
Growing: Surface sow and keep moist, seeds require light for germination.



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