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Chestnut Crabapple Tree

Chestnut Crabapple Tree

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The Chestnut Crabapple, introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1946, is a small-sized, hardy, and vigorous variety. The fruit, up to 2 inches in diameter, is yellow with a pleasant nut-like flavor, and can be used for fresh eating, making apple jelly, and as a pollinator. It blooms in early to mid-May and is also valued as an ornamental tree. The apples have a rosy red blush and some russeting over a yellow base, and are known for their rich, sweet, and nutty flavor, reminiscent of apple cider, with notes of nutmeg, caramel, vanilla, and citrus. Chestnut Crabapples are a mid-season apple that does not store well and are suitable for both fresh eating and cider making.

Chestnut crab is a large crab apple at 2" named for it's complex nutty flavour. Sweet and crisp, pale yellow with streaks of red and some russet, late hanging. Ripens in September/October.  Has been reviewed as one of the best tasting apples.

Ripens: Mid-late September
Size: Up to 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter
Cold Hardiness Zone: 3 to 8

Photos courtesy of Boyer's Orchard



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