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Bur Oak Seeds (Quercus macrocarpa)

Bur Oak Seeds (Quercus macrocarpa)

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We have fresh Bur Oak acorns available, these are collected when ripe in the fall are are best planted immediately. 

** 2024 Update - we have packs of small acorns left in stock.  These are suitable for planting, and will produce trees with larger acorns on average. Why? Last year was a very productive mast year for our trees and they over-produced a bulk of acorns, dropping many more acorns than usual and many were smaller than an average year.   We've made up some 30 acorn packs from these small graded ones which average about 5/8" long.

Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) is the species of white oak that grows around our nursery.  Our seeds are collected from local wild stands of large healthy trees.   The trees are very adapted to our sandy soil and extreme winters.  Long lived shade trees they commonly reach 200-300 years old.  The acorns are the mildest of any oak and can be processed for food.  They make excellent habitat and food for wildlife.   We had a good acorn harvest this fall so we're making our extra stock of acorns available.  Note acorns should be fall planted fresh, even though they don't require any cold stratification. If you can't get them into the ground sow into pots, mulch heavily and store outside in a sheltered location for the winter. 

Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification Required: None
Germination Testing:  Float tested. In past years germination rate is always very high 90%+. 
Planting instructions:  Our seeds are fresh to preserve viability. We recommend keeping them refrigerated for short term storage, and fall planting into prepared seed beds.  Keep seeds in the bag, and optionally soak in water for 24 hrs before planting. Sow 1-2" deep and cover with mulch.  Add squirrel and rodent protection, like wire mesh.  If the weather is warm enough the seeds will germinate and root in the fall, otherwise they'll germinate in the spring. 



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