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Bolshaya Pear Tree

Bolshaya Pear Tree

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The Bolshaya Pear, which means "large" in Russian, is a round, Ussurian pear of Russian origin. It is known for its green color, resembling an apple, and is considered among the hardiest of all Russian pears while maintaining high quality. The Bolshaya Pear ripens early to the middle of September, which is relatively rare for pears. This pear is typically round and green, with an average weight of around 80-90 grams. It's described as sweet-tasting with a slight tartness. This variety was originally evaluated by the South-Ural research institute of Fruit & Vegetable Growing and has only recently been offered in the USA.

The Bolshaya Pear is well-suited for colder climates, thriving in hardiness zones as low as Zone 3. Like most European pears, it is recommended to pick the Bolshaya slightly green, after which it can keep for up to 3 months. The tree itself is known for being reliable, productive, and highly resistant to fire blight, a common disease affecting pear trees.

Ripens: Early to middle of September
Size: Average weight 80-90 grams
Cold Hardiness Zone: 3

Photos courtesy of: Konrad Ilg



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