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Black Cohosh Seeds (Actaea racemosa) - 75+ Seeds

Black Cohosh Seeds (Actaea racemosa) - 75+ Seeds

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Black Cohosh is a native perennial wildflower.
Native American Medicinal Plant: Revered by Native American tribes for its potential medicinal properties, Black Cohosh has a rich cultural history.
Shade-Loving Perennial: Thriving in shady woodland gardens, this perennial plant boasts tall spires of delicate white flowers, making it a unique addition to your landscape.
Wildlife Magnet: The fragrant blooms of Black Cohosh attract beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing to the vitality of your garden.
Historical Herbal Uses: Black Cohosh has been traditionally used by indigenous cultures for various health benefits and as a natural remedy.
Low-Maintenance Gem: Suitable for shade gardens, Black Cohosh is a low-maintenance perennial that brings timeless beauty to your outdoor space.
Fragrant White Blooms: Enjoy the sweet, floral fragrance of Black Cohosh flowers, creating a serene and sensory-rich garden environment.
Woodland Wonderland: Plant Black Cohosh beneath taller trees or in woodland settings, where its graceful presence shines.
Cultural Significance: Explore the cultural and historical significance of Black Cohosh, connecting your garden to centuries of tradition.
Planting Season: Sow Black Cohosh seeds in the early spring for lush growth.

Growing Characteristics:

Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification: 2 weeks warm followed by 3 months cold



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