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Black Chokeberry Seeds (Aronia melanocarpa) - 50+ Seeds

Black Chokeberry Seeds (Aronia melanocarpa) - 50+ Seeds

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Chokeberries are a great ornamental bush with edible berries that are best processed into wine, jam, syrup, juice, soft spreads, tea, salsa, extracts, beer, ice cream. They're also used as a compatible rootstock for grafting pear.

Cold hardy locally collected seeds in zone 3.

Hardiness Zone: 2-3
Stratification Required: 1-2 months
Storage: Keeping refrigerated for longer term storage. Seeds can be viable for several years.
Planting instructions: Fall plant into prepared seed beds, or cold stratify in a refrigerator and plant into seedbeds or pots in the spring. Sow 1/2" deep and cover with mulch.



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