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Belle De Boskoop Apple Tree

Belle De Boskoop Apple Tree

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The Belle de Boskoop apple, also known as Goudrenet, Goudreinet, or Goudreinnette, originated in Boskoop, Netherlands, and was discovered as a chance seedling in 1856. The town of Boskoop has a rich history in commercial arboriculture dating back to the 15th century, which contributed to the apple's development​​​​. This apple is known for its firm, tart, and fragrant characteristics. Its skin is greenish-gray with a red tinge and holds up well to cooking. The Boskoop varieties are high in acid content and vitamin C, surpassing even the Granny Smith and Golden Delicious in this aspect​​.

Belle de Boskoop is a triploid apple, meaning it has three chromosomes instead of the usual two. This genetic trait leads to larger fruit size and increased resistance to various pests and diseases, although it also results in largely infertile trees that require a diploid variety nearby for fruit production​​. This apple is celebrated for its culinary versatility, suitable for both dessert and cooking uses. It is large, lumpy, and dull red, often with extensive russeting, and keeps its shape when cooked. The white-green flesh is dense and very firm, making it ideal for slicing in apple pies and flans. However, its large size and sharp flavor make it less suitable as a snack apple​​.

The apple is bright yellow when fully ripe with a striped red blush, and it's a favorite among cidermakers, especially in Germany. It's often used in cider blends for its high acid content and unique flavor profile, which includes tropical fruit notes and a balanced astringency, giving ciders both body and depth​​.



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