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Beedle Pear Tree

Beedle Pear Tree

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The Beedle Pear, named after John Beedle, the former Parks Director and Parks Planner for the City of St. Albert, Alberta, is a cultivar known for its hardiness and flavorful fruit. This pear variety was discovered amongst a row of Siberian seedlings on a city boulevard in St. Albert. The Beedle Pear is particularly notable for its adaptability to cold climates, thriving well in Zone 2.

The fruits of the Beedle Pear tree are medium in size and ripen on the tree, usually ready for harvest in early September. They are characterized by their sweet, soft, and juicy nature, making them ideal for fresh consumption. Additionally, the Beedle Pear is recognized for its relatively good keeping quality compared to other varieties such as Ure and Early Gold. A distinct advantage of this pear is its lack of astringency, which is often appreciated by consumers and growers alike.

The original Beedle Pear tree, unfortunately, is no longer around, but the cultivar continues to be a valued addition to orchards, especially in regions that experience harsher climates.

Ripens: Early September
Size: Medium
Cold Hardiness Zone: 2



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