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Siberian Fir Seeds (Abies sibirica) - Zone 1-2 - 30+ Seeds

Siberian Fir Seeds (Abies sibirica) - Zone 1-2 - 30+ Seeds

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The Siberian Fir, a coniferous evergreen tree, is native to the taiga of Siberia, extending through Turkestan, northeast Xinjiang, Mongolia, and Heilongjiang. It thrives in the cold boreal climate, preferring moist soils in mountainous or river basin areas at elevations of 1900–2400 meters. Remarkably shade-tolerant and frost-resistant, this species can endure temperatures as low as −50°C, though it rarely surpasses 200 years of age due to susceptibility to fungal decay.

Physically, the Siberian Fir reaches a height of 30–35 meters with a trunk diameter of 0.5–1 meter at breast height. It displays a conical crown, with grey-green to grey-brown bark that is smooth and dotted with resin blisters. The shoots are yellow-grey, resinous, and slightly pubescent. Its needle-like leaves, measuring 2–3 cm in length and 1.5 mm in width, are light green with grey-white stomatal bands underneath. These leaves are soft, flattened, aromatic, and oriented upwards along the stem.

The cones of the Siberian Fir are cylindrical, 5–9.5 cm long, and 2.5–3.5 cm broad, ripening from bluish to brown or dark brown in mid-autumn. The seeds are 7 mm long with a triangular wing, released when the cone disintegrates after maturing.

Cold Hardiness Zone: 1
Seed Source: Russia
Stratification: 1 month
Planting Instructions: Plant in moist, well-drained soil in a location that offers some shade. Avoid excessively windy or dry areas.



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