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Red Pine Seeds (Pinus resinosa) - 100+ Seeds

Red Pine Seeds (Pinus resinosa) - 100+ Seeds

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Red Pine are a great native conifer (Pinus resinosa). We collected our seed from a local forest with large mature trees. They have an attractive spreading shape, long needles and reddish bark.  Faster growing than White or Black Spruce and a very attractive mature tree.

Red Pine can be a tricky to find seeds for, the cones have to be collected at the right time and usually it's a race against the squirrels.  If the weather has been wet or windy sometimes the cones are all open and the seeds gone with the wind.  We were lucky this year to find a some.   Red Pine cones, like Jack Pine will germinate without any stratification, this makes them very easy to germinate.  The trees reproduce after forest fires this way, the cones will open up with heat and the seeds are ready to go.  Conifers take some patience to grow, and over the years we've found the best results are to grow them in seedbeds. Plan a location where you can keep them for 2 years, then you can transplant them to a permanent location.  At the end of the first growing season the trees are just 2-3 inches tall, and then for the first winter they need some protection.  We've tried keeping them in plug trays over winter and its too cold here, in the ground maintains moisture better and its more insulated. The seedlings grow best with some shade to start them off, then transplant to a location with lots of sunlight and room to spread out.

Hardiness Zone: 3
Stratification Required: none
Seed weight: 150 per gram
Storage: Keep stored seeds cool and dry.
Planting instructions: Plant outdoors in seedbeds in the fall or in the early spring. You can plant them in pots, just plan on some protection the first winter. Plant 1/4" deep and lightly mulch. 



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