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Patterson Pride Plum Tree

Patterson Pride Plum Tree

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The Patterson Pride Plum, introduced in 1960 by C.F. Patterson at the University of Saskatchewan, is celebrated for its unique weeping style formation and heavy yields. This plum variety is known for its sweet and juicy taste, making it excellent for fresh eating, baking, jamming, and drying. The plums are semi-freestone, meaning the flesh separates from the stone relatively easily, and they are firm, averaging 4 to 5 cm (about 2 inches) in size. Their skin is dark red, and they have a sweet, golden flesh. The tree itself is a semi-dwarf variety with slightly weeping branches, reaching a height of 4 m (10 feet) and a width of 3 m (10 feet). For successful fruit production, the Patterson Pride Plum requires cross-pollination with a wild plum tree (Prunus nigra or P. americana) within 30 m. The fruit is ready to harvest in late August or early September​.
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