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Balsam Poplar Hardwood Cuttings (Populus balsamifera)

Balsam Poplar Hardwood Cuttings (Populus balsamifera)

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We have dormant hardwood cuttings available for spring shipping. These are fresh cuttings taken this spring and kept in cold storage - can be shipped inside Canada only.

Balsam Poplar is a fast growing cold hardy native tree. We take cuttings from the forest around our nursery. This species of popular roots easily from hardwood cuttings.

Planting Instructions: Plant immediately. Plant int prepared soil in a garden bed or pots leaving 1" above the surface. Note the top of the cutting has an angled cut, and the bottom has a flat cut, keep oriented right side up when planting. Keep watered. Some shade in early summer can be helpful until the cuttings establish some roots. They will leaf out and put on some growth the first year. The following spring they can be transplanted into their permanent location.

Ships dormant in a sealed bag.

Species: Populus balsamifera
Hardiness zone: 3
Type: hardwood cuttings
Length: 8-10"
Calliper: 1/4” - 3/8”
Ships To: Canada Wide. (We can only ship live trees inside Canada)



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